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Lumberjack Con

Anime Expo Cosplay Photos
are done.

I didn't attend much of the con itself. I'm not much of a fan of AX in general - I go because they have cool guests and lots of people I know. So not feeling very into it, I only attended two days. The Porno Graffiti concert was fun. Waiting over an hour and not getting into the screening of Makoto Shinkai's new movie was not. I did make it to his panel the next day though.

I had just two photo shoots planned. The one that worked out the best was a Diebuster / Gunbuster 2 shoot that teawisp on dA contacted me about. I was tempted to decline it, because I'm more and more reluctant to shoot at cons. But the outfits are fun, and I figured it was as decent a location as I'd find for something like this. I'm glad I did it.

The other was for a friend from college. She and her boyfriend were cosplaying from Devil May Cry.
 Picture: Devil May Cry - Dante and Lady 8584