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Katsucon and Princesses

Time for another installment of look at what photos Ted took!

I've been feeling guilty about my rather massive backlog and so I am working to try and catch up. The goal was to have 2013 photos wrapped up by the end of 2013. But I have 50+ hours of editing ahead of me before that happens, and about 15h of available time to spend on that.

In some ways I feel I should just stop shooting new content until I'm all caught up. But I've also found oppoutunities rarely yield seconds chances if not seized immediately. So if I don't continue shooting, I'll miss out on awesome oppourtunities. Also, my skill level isn't even close to what I'd like, and the only way I know to level up is to do more.

I did finish what was probably the best photoshoot overall of the year. Or photoshoot with the best results - it went not at all according to plan, and involved sacrificing a battery pack to the ocean. The location I was planning on decided to double their fees a few days before. My plan B to shoot at UCLA's gardens failed because they close too early and we were running late. Even the Malibu beach part of the shoot where I did shoot as planned was rushed as the sun was rapidly setting. The parking at the beach closes at sunset, so after the shoot, which ran a bit past sunset, I had to run to the parking to to move my car, which I found rangers inspecting with flashlights, since they were about to lock up the lot. In the rush to the car, I left Yun & Danielle behind, and basically left without them. Then came back awhile later to pick them up.

As usual for this beach, someone else was filming there.

The priciple subject of the shoot was yunaura's Momohime from Muramasa: The Deamon Blade. I posted something from this before to cajole people to vote for her in ACP's Muramasa cosplay contest. Now I finally finished editing.

I had been wanting to shoot her Momohime for awhile, so I'm glad it finally happened. I think it's a cool character design, and probably my favorite of Yun's costumes. She has some more related to making the costume and the shoot itself on her tumblr.

The other subject was Sirian. I was planning to shoot in a Japanese Garden and thought it would be a good place to re-shoot her in the first outfit I saw her in (I've gotten a lot better since then). She wasn't able to find all the parts of that outfit, and instead put together another one, that would probably be even better suited to the location... if we had the location.
 Picture: Sirian

The full set from this shoot is on my site.

I also finally finished Katsucon photos. I had it mostly done shortly after Katsucon, because I was so excited about the Psycho Pass cosplay photoshoot I did.

But then I dragged my feet on the rest of them. The Guilty Crown shoot I finished most of for another ACP contest. But this did involve more editing - cleaning up and even crazy particle system VFX, etc. So the rest I didn't finish until a few days ago.

This is done in Blender using particle systems and compositing. It's fairly easy IF you know what you're doing. And not like me, trying to remember how to get object rotation working right for cloning in particle systems.

I was sick that night - so I was rushing a bit towards the end. I'm sure I could have had even better results, particularly for the photos later in the shoot, if my body weren't working against me.

And then there was the Amnesia shoot. I was hoping I could pawn off editing of this on yunaura since she's such a big fan of Amnesia. But ultimately, I did the edits myself, with her help for image selection.


I sorry. We've determined that I tend to fail with photos in general. :x
At least you've finished most and get to start the year fresh~
I don't remember determining you fail at all at photos.

And not even close to starting the year fresh - I'm still feeling pretty overwhelmed. Still to-do: Shinra x Celty, Drrr group, Mirai Nikki, Senbonzakura Rin, Unlight, Ico, Konkon fall gathering, Constance, Anela, Saber/CC, some Kenshin, maybe Vocaloid @beach+RO.