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epiic (SpookyElectric)



About Me

You may know me from one of the school I've attended, where I was Ted or "Tex" or similar. Though if you're here, most likely you know me though the world of anime conventions and similar, where I tend to go by SpookyElectric.

In "real life", I am a software developer for the Password managing/sharing tool: Mitto. If you would like an added layer of security to help you manage your passwords, and/or to share passwords with others, you should check it out.

As for adding, some people are touchy about this - I'm not. If you want to add my LJ to watch on your friends page or whatever, go ahead. You don't need my permission, but a heads up post somewhere with how you know me would be nice. Don't expect me to add you back though unless I know you in person. Don't worry, you're not missing out on any juicy F-O stuff.

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